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Rebekah and I have loved every minute of our dance lessons at Arthur Murray Newton studios. With the talented instructors and engaging fellow students, our dance journey has been everything we hoped for. Well worth the 25 year wait!

Monica is a wonderfully gifted and patient instructor. She makes our dance lessons enjoyable and we are amazed at how much we learn each time. As a skilled dancer and talented role model, Monica provides a vision of what we aspire to become.

Daniel & Rebecca Barkowitz    June 7, 2013    Newton    Website   

I love dancing at Arthur Murray Newton! The studio is warm, vibrant and beautiful while the staff is incredibly friendly and accommodating. I’ve been taking lessons from Boris, one of the instructors for quite a while now and have come to realize the amount of personal attention from him is unmatched. Thanks to him and Arthur Murray Newton, my dance technique has greatly improved! I love taking weekly lessons at this studio. It’s simply an experience that can’t be missed!

Diane Riccota    June 7, 2013    Newton    Website   

“I cannot wait to put on my dancing shoes each week. Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Newton has a beautiful dance studio with incredibly patient, energetic and passionate instructors. My private lessons help me to progress in my technique and dance steps. In the group lessons and parties I learn new dances and practice those I’m studying. I have met wonderful people who share my enjoyment of dance. I cannot walk out of the studio without a few good laughs. The studio is bright and air conditioned. The instructors are committed and kind. I have so much fun and it is a complete change of pace during my week. I strongly recommend taking lessons.”

Michele Rocray    June 6, 2013    Newton    Website   

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